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Springfield Youth – Summer Festival Plans

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well! Here’s an update about our plans for summer festivals next summer.

Following the end of Soul Survivor, we’ve been seeking to pray and think through the best way forward.

We have decided to go to New Wine next summer, as a church, rather than taking an official Youth festival trip next summer. We’re planning on week one (25-31 July 2020), and, like week two, this will include ’Luminosity’, a youth festival within a festival, which is new for 2020, and looks to be great. All 11-18s at New Wine will have automatic access to the youth festival – but camping with family and friends in the main campsite, not on the youth festival site, and there won’t be an official Springfield Youth presence.

It should be a fantastic time away as a church family, and we would love for as many as possible to join us!

We realise there will be some disappointment that the youth leaders won’t be leading a trip, so let me say a bit more about the reasons for not doing something separate.

1. There are various festivals that are expanding this year to fill the gap left by Soul Survivor – but all of them will be expanding quite rapidly to meet the need. It seems likely that come 2021, there will be a clearer idea of which new initiatives are working well and what hasn’t worked. It doesn’t seem a bad thing to take a year off once in a while, and plan to restart with something new in 2021.

2. We’d prefer to do something either at the beginning or end of the summer holidays, as it’s easier for family holidays.

3. We have less experience within the team of running summer festival groups at the moment. In theory, of course, we could do New Wine and camp separately as a youth group, but New Wine is a week long – which is a big ask for leaders – and we’d like them to be able to come to New Wine in a personal capacity if they would like to do so.

If this is something you’re interested in joining us for – and we do hope so! – the prices go up slightly at the end of September, so it’s worth booking now if you know already you’d like to come. If you’d like to book with us, quote Springfield Church and the reference number 277295. Jon and Natalie (& Ethan!) have already booked on.

Do talk to me if you have any questions.

Every blessing,


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