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Pray 28

From Sunday October 6th until Sunday November 3rd we are going to be focussing as a whole church on the prayer that Jesus taught us.

Each Sunday, in mini-church through to church-in-the-hall we’ll be taking a chunk of the Lord’s Prayer and seeing how we can pray it and how it might transform our prayer life.

Accompanying the Sunday teaching is a call to join in, as Jesus’ family in Wallington, with 28 days of prayer. There’ll be little prompt cards with 3 things to commit to pray for over the 28 days – (1) someone who doesn’t know Jesus, (2) someone who needs healing and (3) for a gift of the Spirit for yourself.

William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1940s, is well known for saying, ‘When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don’t, they don’t.’ Let’s commit to praying over this next month and see what God does

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