AGM 2016

21 Apr

sunday congregation 760 x 170

24th April, 2016: 10.30am, Wallington High School for Girls

A time to pause and reflect, give thanks to God and to celebrate together

Yes, it’s that time of year again in our life as a church …….here comes the Annual General Meeting (AGM)!

It’s a welcome opportunity to stop, take stock and give thanks to God for all He has done among us and through us in the past year.

The plan for the morning is that our children and young people will start in their groups for a time together. The rest of us will be having a time of worship and prayers before moving into the “formal” part of the AGM. This is a great time to hear about the finances of the church and to ask any questions relating to that area. It is also a time when we elect people to the church council (the PCC) who make decisions on behalf of the church to do with the direction and financial affairs of the church (if you aren’t on the electoral roll do consider joining as it allows you to vote in these elections), deanery synod etc.

If you are considering standing for the PCC then you need to be on the Electoral Roll and have two people proposing you. You should be in sympathy with the aims and values of Springfield and prepared to play a positive and active part in the direction of the church.

We will then break for coffee and to have the children and young people join us for the second part of the AGM when we will be interviewing people about the impact of God in their lives and ministries; we will be hearing from Will about where we believe God is calling us as a church.

The finale of the AGM will be the ever popular picture show – A Year in the Life.

AGM reports are available here 16 Collated reports final.
There will also be printed copies available again this Sunday

And here is the full finance report:

16 Finance and Accounts

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