Amazing Emerge Weekend

21 Jan

P1200271Well we have just got back from an amazing weekend for our Emerge young adults. We have been planning this weekend for some time as a chance to bring our young adults together to build them up and equip them. As usual with this sort of weekend there were lots of coming and going to create a core of people coming! But by the middle of last week there was a good group of about 23 people going (including some leaders to encourage and be there to listen to them).

It was all looking good until suddenly the weather turned last Friday with significant snow fall! There was a lot of agonising on Friday lunchtime was to whether we should go. There were a number of reasons that we believed that it was safe to continue. Firstly, the main roads all appeared clear (local as well as looking at the M25 cameras showing clear lanes and moving traffic); then the AA roadmap showed issues when the snow was passing overhead but clearing quite quickly aftwerwars; thirdly, our hosts in Northiam were saying that the roads near them were cleared. So, we went! We did need some help getting up the final lane but we all arrived safe and sound (some of us later than others – having to wait for a plane at Gatwick which was 3 hours late!).

P1200274The atmosphere, probably as a result of the journey and the wonderful surroundings, was electric from the beginning. The theme of the weekend was “Breaking the Spell” looking at how we have been enchanted by society’s world-view. We were looking at how we can break free and see things more clearly and understand what Hope God has for us. Donna’s talks on Saturday were especially brilliant and really connected with all of us. She talked about the world-views that societies in the West have held over the centuries and how they have changed and the impact that has had on how people believe. She also talked about how that has led us into our current view of work (you may well start to hear about “total work” and the impact that it is having on all of us). It was, in fact so great, that we are looking at whether we offer it up as a day’s teaching for the whole church – It really challenged us about how we looked at life and work.

P1200289We had a lot of group work together. We tried to carry this out in different ways. We had group discussions, but we also did junk sculpting and reflective worship together. We tried to use different ways to help people’s imagination and help them to connect with God in different forms and ways.

P1200318We also made sure that there was time to have fun together – including going for walks and swimming – indeed pictures below of Donna (and one other!) jumping in fully clothed! We also had a fancy dress party on the Saturday evening which was great fun playing games and chilling out together.

On Sunday morning we took time to chill and then had a group discussion sharing what we had learnt and experienced and what we wanted to do next together. A really great discussion and so many great ideas as to what can happen next – watch this space! We then finished with a shared communion which was very special.

Having had a roast lunch together (couldn’t leave without it! Though there was certainly no lack of great food!) we set off home having had an amazing weekend together where God had really met with us. Do have a browse of some of the photos below:

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3 Responses to “Amazing Emerge Weekend”

  1. Donna January 21, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to say what a *joy* it was to be with you all this weekend – it was terrific! We braved the elements and gathered for a blessed and thoroughly enriching time of worship, fellowship and learning. Bring on the next weekend away!
    Btw if you enjoyed the worship, fellowship and learning combination, we’re about to reveal a Year of Prayer Events and Encounters for 2013 – so watch this space (the Springfield website that is!) for more info about Encounter Days, prayerful events, worship gatherings and more (with cake, obviously!), where we’ll continue to journey with God, unlocking our imaginations, learning and experimenting with forms of prayer, and discovering the infinite depths of God’s love for us and His gift to us – waiting to be explored – of our own ability to know Him.

    Be blessed as you journey on.


  2. Mick Miller January 22, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Amazing weekend and even better company. So blessed to hang out with such a lovely bunch of people – God is sooooooooooooooo good – lets all try to carry on spending a little time with Him at some point each day – however we feel 🙂
    Bless ya all

  3. Chris Samuel January 24, 2013 at 1:04 am #

    Absolutely quality weekend, soo many highlights, the pool, talks, discussions, costume party, games, FOOD ahh all soo great can’t wait for the next one, would recommend it to anyone thanks guys for making it as good as it was see you all soon Chris .S

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