An Exciting Weekend of Youth Events

14 Jan

Wow! What an amazing weekend we’ve just had with the young people!

On Friday, we saw record numbers at the MiX – 92!!!! It was a great time, if a little noisy! When you think that it has grown from having just over 10 it is wonderful to see.

And then on Saturday, we had a Ties and Tiaras Disco, fundraising for science equipment for the new secondary school at RUSH UK. What a fun way to fund raise and make a difference to children of a similar age to them at RUSH UK.

A group of young people from church have “owned” this for sometime, deciding the theme, the name, how the evening should run, even what songs should be played! They have been busy inviting friends, plugging it at the MiX and on the night introduced the evening!

As a youth team, we are so encouraged and amazed at what God is doing amongst our young people. He seems to be building their faith in Him and growing their confidence in themselves and each other. To see their willingness to welcome new people so openly in action, is quite awe-inspiring. God is Good!

Pictures of the event are below. To see it as a slide-show (or to see a larger picture) then click on a picture below:


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  1. Carolyn February 6, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Being part of Beccas team in youth has been one of the most amazing, challenging but rewarding things I have ever done … I thought I’d been there and got the t.shirt with youth in my work but God has taken me to placed I’d never imagined … we are on such an exciting journey!

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