13 Feb

Evening service

breathe header iiiMonthly on Sunday evenings we hold our evening service that we are calling ‘breathe’. It is an opportunity to experience a Spirit-filled time of worship, teaching and ministry when we can take our time to hear from God and share and practise using the gifts of the Spirit.

We used the word ‘breathe’ because of all the rich imagery in the bible to do with the Spirit and wind and breath. We see this as a time when we can take time to breathe in the Spirit and to hear and receive from God. A time when we can grow and flourish and see God at work in our lives and those around us.

God doesn’t given everyone every gift but everyone has God-given gifts to build up the people of God (1 Cor 12:7). We want to provide a safe place for people to explore these gifts and discover how God may have gifted you and how you might learn to use them for the sake of others.

Each evening will have core components of worship and testimony and teaching and ministry. Times when we can dwell in the presence of God and hear His word to us and have space and opportunity to respond to it.

Our services are normally held at St Paul’s Church, Mollison Drive

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