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Encounter day: Breaking the Spell

13 Feb

We are living under a Spell. We have been shaped and moulded by our society and we all too often don’t see how this has happened. One of the things that we all too often aren’t aware of is how we take so much for granted that in the past would have seemed very strange to our […]

The Challenge of Jesus

05 Feb

As part of our growing deeper in faith this year we are having a Lent course looking at who Jesus was and what he believed that he was doing. Donna will be leading this course using the book “The Challenge of Jesus” by Tom Wright. The book is quite short but is profound in its understanding […]

Vision for 2013

30 Jan
Springfield Church motto verse 2013

We have a lot of things happening this year and so I wanted to use this as an opportunity to give you a small roadmap of what we are about this year and what we are believing God is calling us to. There are two overriding elements to this year. It’s a year of going […]

Prayer Walk

23 Jan

Prayer Walk February 10th @ 6.30pm Meet: Wallington Library & Phoenix Centre We have a great God and this year we are getting totally serious about meeting with Him and sharing His love with each other and those around us. One of the most exciting things happening is that we see God is calling us […]

Amazing Emerge Weekend

21 Jan

Well we have just got back from an amazing weekend for our Emerge young adults. We have been planning this weekend for some time as a chance to bring our young adults together to build them up and equip them. As usual with this sort of weekend there were lots of coming and going to […]

Pictures of Christmas

17 Jan

Christmas feels like “so last year”! But its funny to think that it was only a few weeks ago. We’ve finally got round to getting together the pictures from some of our Christmas activities and services. We didn’t photograph everything we did but here are a few for you to see and share with friends […]

River Ministries

15 Jan

Before Christmas we were looking in our sermon series and in some meetings at what we could do to impact our communites with the Good News of Jesus. What we call River ministries (River ministries are ones that flow into the community and start in and with the community rather than coming) In our talks […]

An Exciting Weekend of Youth Events

14 Jan

Wow! What an amazing weekend we’ve just had with the young people! On Friday, we saw record numbers at the MiX – 92!!!! It was a great time, if a little noisy! When you think that it has grown from having just over 10 it is wonderful to see. And then on Saturday, we had […]