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Pilot Parish

17 Jan

The diocese has asked Springfield to be a pilot parish to help them better understand lay leadership and lay ministry as understood and practiced in various churches. They will then use the insights gained to help find ways to affirm and grow lay leadership and lay ministry across the Diocese. As part of this, Natalie […]

2018 Motto Card

08 Jan

Our new motto card for 2018 has just been issued:               You can collect one to pop on your fridge on Sundays at our service at Wallington Girls School or contact the church office If you would like to download to use as wallpaper on your computer, click the […]

Springfield Celebrations

29 Mar

What a wonderful celebration service we had on Sunday 26th March. Not only were we celebrating 25 years of Springfield as a church but also Mothering Sunday. It was great to have the Bishop of Croydon, Jonathan Clark with us. It was a full and very enjoyable service, with our curate Jane interviewing the Bishop. He […]

Gift Day update

01 Dec

We were able to announce the results so far for our Gift Day (well more like a Gift fortnight!) on Sunday. We know that there are a number of people who still wish to give and that would be great. We laid out the plans that we had in a couple of presentations and in a […]

First baptism at Messy Church

24 Oct

  It was an extra special messy church when we celebrated Lilly’s baptism on 12th October. How lovely to be able to welcome her into the church family at Footsteps. There were lots of Lilly’s family and friends there as well as the messy church families. It was great to see people chatting together, enjoying […]

MSM Course

16 Apr

As we have grown in our vision for looking outwards together as a church the question of ensuring that we have the best input available to us is coming to the forefront. We have had the great opportunity to help put on a year long course looking at the area of how we reach out […]

Encounter day: Breaking the Spell

13 Feb

We are living under a Spell. We have been shaped and moulded by our society and we all too often don’t see how this has happened. One of the things that we all too often aren’t aware of is how we take so much for granted that in the past would have seemed very strange to our […]