Missional Communities

At the core of the life of Springfield is our small group system. We call these small groups Missional Communities. These are an extension of our Cell groups that we have been running for many years. The idea of Missional Communities are that they are life-giving expressions of Church. We are finding Missional Communities to be vital to building a healthy church; balancing our needs with the needs of others inside and outside the church.

Because we want to be outwardly focussed we encourage our groups to put on regular events and invite friends, family and neighbours to them. These are fun events that can vary from a walk to a pimms and planters evening; from a quiz to a wine tasting evening. Do keep an eye out on our cell events page for upcoming events.

Get Connected with a small group

Sermons and Downloads

Each week we make available the talks online and notes to go along with them. Our small groups decide whether they wish to follow these notes or do something else. Here you can catch up with any sermonscell notes, weekly notices that you’ve missed out on!

We also try to ensure our Calendar is up to date with church events and services.


Community is incredibly important to us and not only do we have our Cell groups but we also have different events going on through the year. Some of these can be large scale – such as our Feast in the Field, a Holiday Club or a Light party. In addition our Cell groups put on regular events to invite people to. We love to gather people to have a good time!


We love to serve others through our different ministries. We have a wide range of ministries that serve and care for people. These range from Cafe Connect on a Monday morning, to each small group supporting a charity of their choice through Tiptoes and Roundshaw Toddlers for children and their carers, The MiX for our youth and Footsteps for the whole family. On top of these we have courses to help people whether in their parenting of children, their marriage or their search for the meaning of life.