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This page contains all the latest cell notes for you to look at and use in your meetings.

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Latest Cell Notes

Joshua: Journeying with God

22nd JulyRenewing our faithJoshua 24Joshua 24 cell notes
15th JulyLiving in abundanceJoshua 22Joshua 22 Cell notes
1st JulyGod’s promisesJoshua 21Joshua 21 Cell notes
24th JuneGod’s mercyJoshua 20
17th JuneAsking and receivingJoshua 14Joshua 14 Cell notes
10th JuneGod in our decisionsJoshua 9Joshua 9 Cell notes
3rd JuneGod’s people togetherJoshua 818.06.03 cell notes

18.06.03 Priorities response

27th MayDealing with SinJoshua 7Joshua 7 Cell notes
20th MayOvercoming the impossibleJoshua 6Joshua 6 Cell notes
13th MayPreparing for victoryJoshua 5Joshua 5 Cell notes
6th MayThe power of testimonyJoshua 3&4Joshua 3&4 Cell notes
29th AprilJourneying with GodJoshua 1: 1-11

Ephesians: Who we are in Christ

22nd AprilGod’s AuthorityEphesians 4: 25-32Eph 4.25-32 Cell notes
18th MarchGod’s Power IIEphesians 3: 20-21Eph 3.20-1 Cell notes
11th MarchGod’s homeEphesians 3: 17Eph 3.17 Cell notes
4th MarchGod’s LoveEphesians 3: 14-19Eph 3.14-17 Cell notes
25th FebruaryGod’s PresenceEphesians 3: 1-13Eph 3.1-13 Cell notes
18th FebruaryGod’s TemplesEphesians 2: 19-22Eph 2.19-22 Cell notes
11th FebruaryGod’s UnityEphesians 2: 11-18Eph 2.11-17 Cell notes
4th FebruaryGod’s GraceEphesians 2: 1-10Eph 2.1-10 Cell notes
28th JanuaryGod’s powerEphesians 1: 19-23Eph 1.19-23 Cell notes
21st JanuaryGod’s wisdomEphesians 1: 15-18Eph 1.15-18 Cell notes
14th JanuaryGod’s big planEphesians 1: 4-14Eph 1.4-14 Cell notes
7th JanuaryGod’s peopleEphesians 1.1-3Eph 1.1-3 Cell notes


17th DecemberWalking in the lightJohn 8:12
10th DecemberPreparing for the lightIsaiah 9: 1-2   John 1: 6-8 17.12.10 cell notes
3rd DecemberLight and HopeJohn 1: 1-5 John 1.1-5 Questions

Rhythms of Grace: spiritual practices for abundant life

26th NovemberThe practice of worshipRevelation 5: 1-1417.11.26 cell notes
19th NovemberSimple truth and simple trustMatthew 5: 33-37 Notes-Matthew 5.33-37 19.11.17.pdf
12th NovemberThe practice of prayerJames 5:13-18 et alNotes – James 5 13-18 – 12.11.17
5th NovemberJon’s first serviceGenesis 12:1-7Notes-Genesis12-1-7-5.11.17
29th OctoberThe practice of submissionPhilippians 2:1-11Notes – Phil 2-1-11 – 29.10.17
22nd OctoberThe practice of fastingLuke 4:1-13Notes – Luke 4-1-13 – 22.10.17
15th OctoberThe practice of confessionJohn 1:1-2:2Notes – 1 John 1-2 – 15.10.17
8th OctoberThe practice of givingProverbs 3:5-18Notes – Proverbs 3-5-18 – 08.10.17
1st OctoberThe practice of celebrationIsaiah 61: 1-317.10.01 cell notes
24th SeptThe practice of serviceRomans 12:1-16Notes – Romans 12 -1-16 – 24.09.17
17th SeptYesterday, today and foreverHebrews 13:1-8Notes – Hebrews 13-1-8 – 17.09.17
10th SeptThe practice of meditation1 Kings 19:9b-18Notes – 1 Kings 19,9b-18 – 10.09.17
3rd SeptLonging for GodPsalm 42 Notes – Psalm 42 – 03.09.17

Called to be witnesses: Encounters in the book of Acts

In our series on Acts

30th AprilYou will be my witnessesActs 1: 1-11
 7th MayReceiving the power Acts 2: 1-21
14th MayCalled into questionActs 4: 1-2117.05.14 Cell notes
21st MayPersecution and GrowthActs 5:12-42 17.05.21 – Cell Notes
28th MaySpirit and WisdomActs 6 & 717.05.28 cell notes
4th JuneCalled to followActs 9:1-22Notes – Acts 9-1-22 – 04.06.17
11th JuneChrist is for allActs 11: 1-1817.06.11 cell notes
25th JuneLearning to evangeliseActs 13:1-15, 32-4317.06.25 Cell notes
2nd JulyCulture ClashActs 17: 16-34 Notes – Acts 17-16-34 – 02.07.17

Seeking the Kingdom

Lotwina kindly created a set of notes for her talk: ‘The cost of discipleship’ on 12th March which include links to the video clips used in her talk.

Here they are: 17.03.12 Cell notes

And also for ‘The King’s commission’:  17.04.23 Cell Notes

Living in an uncertain world

In our series, ‘Living in an Uncertain World’ we will be reflecting on what it looks like to know God’s sovereignty in an uncertain world: God’s power, God’s hope, God’s joy and healing.

11th DecemberGod’s peace in unexpected placesLuke 1: 26-3816-12-11-cell-questions
27th NovemberGod’s power in uncertain timesIsaiah 2:1-5

Romans 13: 11-14


Becoming a Passionate Church

Our series looking at what it takes for us to become a passionate Church. To live up to our vision of “We seek to be a beacon of hope in our community; passionate about growing like Jesus in our lives, worship and witness”. This series will look at the how we can focus on Jesus and become passionate about living out this vision.

20th NovemberA Passionate church- finding the heart of JesusRomans 12: 1-2116-11-20-cell-notes
30th OctoberSing out my soul- the power of praisePsalm 34, Colossians 3: 1-1716-10-30-cell-questions
23rd OctoberWorshipping with power- Being released to worshipJohn 4: 19-2916-10-23-cell-questions
16th OctoberWorshipping with people – being shaped by our worshipHeb 10:19-2516-10-16-cell-questions
9th OctoberPassionate to be with JesusMark 10:46-5216-10-09-cell-questions
2nd OctoberPassionate to share the Good NewsLuke 10:1-1216-10-02-cell-questions
25th SeptemberPassionate about othersActs 416-09-25-cell-questions
18th SeptemberPassionate to be like JesusMark 1:16-2016-09-18-passionate-to-be-like-jesus
11th SeptemberPassionate to play our Part1 Peter 2:1-1216-09-11-cell-questions

God’s Handiwork

We can often wonder who we are, what we are doing and often this can be mixed up with low self-esteem. So, in May we are starting a new series looking at how God sees us. The new series is called The Handiwork of God and is a quote from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians “we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” Ephesians 2:10. This series will look at the impact of that as we consider why He made us and what He hopes for us. We are so much more than we all too often think of ourselves and we need to allow God’s purposes for us to inform and shape us.

19th JuneHolinessEphesians 216.06.19 Cell Notes
12th JuneFruitfulnessJohn 15, Luke 1016.06.12 Cell Notes
5th JuneCreativityExodus 35: 2016.06.05 Cell notes
29th MayWorshipJohn12: 20-3616.05.29 Cell Notes
22nd MayRestHebrews 416.05.22 Cell questions
15th MayPurposeIsaiah 43, Ephesians 216.05.15 Cell Questions
8th MayGraceEphesians 216.05.08 Cell questions

Encountering Jesus

Our new series will be looking at how people interacted with Jesus. We can often believe that either we aren’t good enough to be cared for and loved by God or we believe that we stand in judgement over God. What would an encounter with God actually be like? How would he treat us? What would we ask him?

Do join us for this new series starting in January as we learn what an encounter with the living God looks like.

1st MayDo we believe Jesus has faith in us?Matthew 14: 22-3316.05.01 Cell Questions
17th AprilHe is risen1 Cor 1516.04.17 Cell questions
10th AprilThe Damascus RoadActs 916.04.10 Cell notes
3rd AprilThe God who restores usJohn 21: 1-1816.04.03 Cell notes
6th MarchLeft without excuseRuth 1: 1-2216.03.06 Cell Notes
28th FebruaryThe God who speaks into our livesJohn 5: 1-1516.02.28 Cell Notes
21st FebruaryGod doesn’t throw stonesJohn 816.02.21 God doesn’t throw stones
14th FebruaryThe God who challengesLuke 18:18-3016.02.14 Cell questions
7th FebruaryThe God who healsMark 5:21-4316.02.07 Cell questions
31st JanuaryThe God who calls usJohn 4:5-4216.01.31 Cell questions
24th JanuaryThe God who helps us seeJohn 916.01.24 cell notes
17th JanuaryThe God who welcomes usLuke 7: 36-5016.01.17 The God who welcomes us
10th JanuaryThe God who embraces our doubtsJohn 1:35-5116.01.10 Cell questions

Joy to the World

Our new series this Christmas looks at the way that the coming of Jesus and looking forward to His return is Joy to the World. We will be looking at the impact that he makes in our lives and the life of the world.

6th DecemberLove came downJohn 3:1-2115.12.06 Cell questions
29th NovemberThe Hope of the WorldIsaiah 11:1-10, Luke 14:15-2415.11.29 Cell questions


Covenant and Kingdom

We are starting a new series in May that will take us right through the Bible looking at two fundamental themes; covenant and kingdom – relationships and responsibility – worked out in the lives of some key characters who stirred nations and changed history.

Date Reading Title Word doc
10 MayGenesis 1:26-2:3Creation15.05.10 Cell Notes
 17 MayGenesis 6: 5-22 After the Fall 15.05.17 Cell notes
24 MayGenesis 15Abraham: man of Covenant15.05.24 Cell Notes
31 MayGen 37:1-11, 50:15-21Joseph: Called to Kingdom rule15.05.31 Cell Notes
7 JuneExodus 3: 1-15Moses: Struggling with identity15.06.07 Cell Notes
21 JuneRuth 1: 1-22Ruth15.06.21 Ruth cell notes
5 JulyPsalm 23David: Worshipper15.07.05 Psalm 23
12 July1 Samuel 16David: Two kinds of king15.07.12 The tale of two kings
6 SepJohn 1:1-18Son of God and Son of Man15.09.06 Cell Notes
13 SepMatthew 3Jesus’ Baptism15.09.13 Cell Notes
20 SepLuke 4:1-13Temptation of Jesus15.09.20 Cell Notes
27 SepMark 1: 14-28Jesus’ Ministry Begins15.09.27 Jesus ministry begins
4 OctLuke 8: 1-8The Sower’s harvest15.10.04 harvest talk
18 OctMatthew 16: 13-20Retreat and Revelation15.10.18 Cell notes
25 OctMatt 25: 31-40CAP and Springfield15.10.25 cell notes
1 NovMatthew 6: 7-15The Lord’s Prayer15.11.01 Cell notes
8 NovMatthew 6:16-34Covenant and Kingdom Living15.11.08 Cell Notes
15 Nov1 Peter 2:4-12A new Temple15.11.15 Cell questions
22 NovEphesians 3:7-21The story nears fulfillment15.11.22 Cell questions