Cell Notes

Restoring Humanity

One of the great aims of God is to restore us in our relationship with Him and each other. Our new sermon series, ‘Restoring humanity’ will be looking at how God aims to do that. We will be looking forward to Easter and the roles that Jesus and the Cross play in God’s plan to restore humanity to all that He meant it to be. We will be looking at what has gone wrong and God’s radical plan to reach out to His fallen, broken creation. We will be looking at why we need God’s grace and what that looks like in the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus..

Date Reading Title Word doc
1 MarchGenesis 3:1-19Losing our Way15.03.01 Cell notes
8 MarchMark 1:14-28Behold the Man15.03.08 Cell questions
15 MarchMatt 15:21-28, Lk 10:38-42Valuing Women15.03.015 Cell questions
22 MarchLuke 14:15-24Welcome to the Party15.03.22 Cell notes
12 AprilLuke 24: 13-35Redeeming Humanity15.04.12 cell Notes – Redeeming Humanity 97-2003
19 AprilMatt 28:16-20The role of the church15.04.019-Cell-questions



The Armour of God

The Armour of God that Paul talks about in his letter to the Ephesians emphasizes the spiritual fight that we are in. It’s precisely not that we have “foes” in this life – whether those of another faith, or people around us – it is that our real enemy is Satan and all his lies and deceptions. Paul therefore shows how we are to have confidence in the Gospel and with how all that Jesus has done and called us to equips us for the fight ahead. This series is aimed at strengthening our faith and encouraging us to stand firm in Jesus.

Each of the readings below need to be read in conjunction with Ephesians 6:10-20 and we are interpreting them in the light of the Ephesians reading.

Date Reading Title Word doc
4th January2 Corinthians 4Be strong in the Lord15.01.04 Cell notes
11th January2 Timothy 3:12 – 4:8Buckle the belt of truth15.01.11 Cell Notes
11th JanuaryThe Father’s loveSupplementary material15.01.11 Fathers-Love-Letter
 18th January Romans 3: 19-24Breastplate of Righteousness 15.01.18 Cell Notes
25th JanuaryRomans 10:5-15Ready feet15.01.26-Cell-Notes
1st FebruaryHebrews 11:1-12Shield of faith15.02.01 Cell notes
8th FebruaryEphesians 2:1-18Helmet of Salvation15.02.08-Cell-notes
15th FebruaryLuke 10:1-9,17-20Using the Sword of the Spirit15.02.15-Cell-notes
22nd FebruaryLuke 11:1-13Pray in the Spirit15.02.22-Cell-notes


Friends of God

How important is your friendship with God? Friendships take time and commitment to develop. But do we prioritise this friendship when there is so much going on? When life seems to be so busy and life a blur? When there are so many competing claims and choices?

This series looks at how friendship with God changes how we see life and how we can lead lives full of freedom and fulfilment.

DateReadingTitleWord Doc
7th SeptemberJohn 15:9-17Friends with God14.09.07 Cell notes
 14th September 2 Cor. 5:11-21What makes a friend 14.09.14 Cell notes
 21st SeptemberPhil. 2:17-30Nurturing friendship Cell Notes 14-09-21
28th SeptemberLuke 7:36-50Reframing our lives14.09.28 Cell notes
5th OctoberJohn 6: 53-54; 60-69Called out from the crowd14.10.05 Cell notes
12th October2 Cor 8:1-15Overflowing generosity14.10.12 Cell notes
19th OctoberLuke 22:7-35Deep rich community 14.10.19 Cell notes
26th OctoberMark 1:29-39Creating a solitary place14.10.26 Cell notes
9th NovemberLuke 14:1-14Dangerous meals14.11.09 Cell notes
16th November
23rd NovemberRomans 8:1-18God’s empowering presence14.11.23 Cell notes


Captivated by Jesus

What captivates you about Jesus? What makes you want to follow him?  Jesus is the most captivating person in the whole of history – billions of people follow him. Many people who aren’t Christian think he is an incredible person. So, what makes him so amazing? What is it about him that grabs us and transforms us?

Our new series will help us to see what is so astounding and wonderful about him. We will be focussing the series on aspects of Jesus and we will be looking at what captivates people about Jesus.

DateReadingTitleWord Doc
20th JulyActs 9: 1-9Captivated by a Vision of Jesus14.07.20 Cell notes
13th JulyLuke 19:1-10Captivated by his compassion14.07.13 Cell notes
6th July1 Cor 1:18-25Captivated by his wisdom14.07.06 Cell notes
22nd JuneJohn 9Captivated by his healing14.06.22 Cell notes
15th JuneLuke 22:39-44, 23:32-39Captivated by his suffering14.06.15 Cell notes
8th JuneJohn 13:1-17, Luke 18:9-14Captivated by his humility14.06.06 Cell notes
25th MayJohn 7:53-8:11Captivated by his mercy14.05.25 Cell notes
18th MayJohn 21:15-19Captivated by Jesus of Nazareth14.05.18 Cell notes
11th MayRevelation 1:9-20Captivated by his glory14.05.11-cell-notes



Have  you really thought through what you believe? A recent survey for the Theos think tank asked people in the UK what they believed about God and issues of life after death. There was a very confused picture that arose out of it – even though 59% of people claimed to be part of a religious group. This series is going back to look at one of the most ancient declarations of the Christian faith, the Nicene Creed. We will be looking at how Christians came to believe what they did and how this makes a huge difference in our lives and the life of our society.

DateReadingTitleWord Doc
15th DecemberMatthew 25: 1-13Emmanuel: God with us13.12.15 Cell notes
8th DecemberEphesians 1We believe in a God… who calls us the future13.12.08-cell-notes
1st DecemberRomans 8:12-27We believe in a God… who lives with us13.12.01 cell notes
24th November1 Corinthians 15:1-11We believe in a God… who saves and redeems us13.11.24 cell notes
17th NovemberJohn 1: 14-18; Philippians 2: 5-8We believe in a God… who became human13.11.17_Cell Notes
10th NovemberHebrews 1:1-4, John 8:49-59We believe in a God… who reveals Himself in Jesus13.11.10 cell notes



Who are you really.
What have you been created for?
What, and who, do you live for?
Do you know that you’ve been called?

In this sermon series we will explore this theme together, seeing how God calls us in so many ways: how he calls us out of slavery; how he calls us by name; how he calls us to a new identity; how he calls us to be real; how he calls us for the sake of the world; how he calls us to be the Church; how he calls us to be risk takers.  We’re all called: but how well do you know your name?

Date Reading Title Word doc
27th October1 Corinthians 13Called to the way of love13.10.27-Cell-notes
20th OctoberLuke 10:1-9Called to be risk takers13.10.20-Cell-notes
13th OctoberActs 2:42-47Called together13.10.13 Cell notes
6th OctoberLuke 12: 22-34Called to Mission (Harvest)13.10.06 Cell notes
29th SeptemberMatt 5:13-16; 5:33-6:4Called in our daily lives13.09.29-Cell-notes
 22nd September 2 Cor 5:14-21Called to a new Identity13.09.23 Cell notes
 15th September John 10:1-12Called by name13.09.15 Cell notes


Real Life – Real church

This series will be looking at the Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Paul is writing to a church in one of the largest cosmopolitan cities of the Roman empire. He is writing to a church that is gifted but flawed. A church that has been blessed by God but has lost its way and needs to discover how they should live as God’s holy people. We will be looking at what it has to say to us today – to see how this most human of churches was called to become God’s holy people.

DateReadingTitleWord doc
15/9/13John 10: 1-12Called by Name13.09.15 Cell notes
14/7/131 Cor 16The End…or just beginning? 13.07.14 Cell notes
7/7/131 Cor 15: 35-581 Cor 15: 35-58 13.07.07 Cell notes
30/6/131 Cor 15: 1-341 Cor 15: 1-34 13.06.30 Cell notes
23/6/131 Cor 14: 25-endOrder! Order! 13.06.23 Cell notes
16/6/131 Cor 14: 1-251 Cor 14: 1-25 13.06.16 Cell notes
9/6/131 Cor 13Above all…Love 13.06.09 Cell notes
2/6/131 Cor 12: 27-end Truly wanting greater gifts 13.06.02 Cell notes
26/5/131 Cor 12:1-26Jesus, gifts and the body13.05.26 Cell notes
19/5/131 Cor 11: 17-34‘Until he comes’…The Lord’s Supper 13.05.19 Cell notes
12/5/131 Cor 11:2-16The role of women in the Church13.05.12 Cell notes
5/5/131 Cor 10: 14 – 11:1What to Do? Cell Notes_1 Corinthians 10_14 to 11_1
21/4/131 Cor 9Run in such a way as to win the prize13.04.21 Cell notes
14/4/131 Cor 8Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up
7/4/131 Cor 7: 7 & 25-40Christ at the Centre Cell Notes_1 Corinthians_7th April 2013
10/3/131 Cor 7:17-24What price?13.03.10-Cell-questions
3/3/131 Cor 7:1-16Living together13.03.03-Cell-questions
24/2/131 Cor. 6Living up to our inheritance13.02.24-Cell-questions
17/2/131 Cor. 5A little yeast…13.02.17-Cell-questions
10/2/131 Cor. 4:6-21The scum of the earth13.02.10 Cell questions
3/2/131 Cor. 4:1-5Trustworthy13.02.03-Cell-questions
 27/1/131 Cor.3Building God’s Temple13.01.27 Cell Questions
20/1/131 Cor. 2The mind of Christ13.01.20 Cell Questions
13/1/13 1 Cor 1:1-17Saints and Sinners 13.01.06-Cell-questions
 7/1/13 1 Cor 1:18-31 The foolishness of the Cross 13.01.13-Cell-questions