Missional Communities & Cells

Missional communities are at the core of SpringfieldSpringfield is centred on Missional Communities. These are an extension of our Cell groups that we have been running for many years. The idea of Missional Communities are that they are life-giving expressions of Church. We are finding Missional Communities to be vital to building a healthy church; balancing our needs with the needs of others inside and outside the church.

Purpose and belonging

We have found that Missional Communities have a high sense of purpose and belonging as people gather around a vision for the impact that they can have in the community. This focus can consist of a vision for a purpose such as social action, serving a people group or an area. We find that as these communities journey together they grow in their faith, connecting with God and others. Missional communities enjoy great social eventsIn addition we encourage our groups to choose a charity of their choice to support, encourage and pray for. These range from charities in the local community to overseas charities.

We have a number of groups that you can choose from. We do suggest that you visit a couple to find out what is on offer and which suits you best. Of course, it may be that you are joining one through a friend and that’s great.
Click on a small group on the side panel for some information about a Missional Community or cell or contact our small group administrator, Sarah for more details.