Bowen Cell

Wednesday 8.00 pm This Cell is led by David Bowen.

Bowen Cell photo 2015 250x250

Feel you don’t belong? Not sure whether you have anything to give?A bit vague as to how the bible may be challenging us? Lack of encouragement in applying its teachings to your life? Need a laugh and a bit of fun- or even downright silliness- in the midst of your weekly grind? Do you like food? If your answers to any or all of the above are “Yes”, this may be the place for you.

This cell is led by David Bowen with assistance from numerous others. We meet at 8.00pm on Wednesdays and try and stop chatting by 8.30 to get down to business.

We don’t care if you come late or can only come sometimes- we will be delighted to see you when you do arrive.

The charity our cell supports is Toybox.