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Welcome to our online list of Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. Please feel free to listen or download any sermon free of charge for your own personal use.

There are a number of ways that you can listen to the Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. You can subscribe to them via itunes or via an RSS feed here or you can listen to a Sermon Podcast just by pressing the play button on one of the sermons below – or you can download the talk to listen to later – its up to you!

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John: Signs of the kingdom

Our short summer series of talks uses John’s gospel as we look at various signs of the kingdom

Joshua: Journeying with God

As we journey with God together as church, we’re using the book of Joshua to discover God’s promises and purposes for us, learning how to dream big because of His power, and dwelling in His presence.

Ephesians: Who we are in Christ

Our Spring series of talks using Ephesians as we explore what and who we are as Christians


Our short series using John’s Gospel looks at the arrival of the light

Rhythms of Grace

Our Autumn series looks at spiritual disciplines for abundant life.

Special services and recordings

Podcasts here can be either because it is a visiting preacher or because of the occasion

Simple Trust

Our Summer series looks at biblical and contemporary figures who learnt what it meant to trust God in different situations.

Called to be witnesses: Encounters in the book of Acts

Our series talks about meeting Jesus in our lives.

Seeking the Kingdom

Our series on Matthew’s gospel looks at the different themes of in it and what they mean for us as Church and as individuals..

Living in an uncertain world

Our series reflects on what it looks like to know God’s sovereignty in an uncertain world: God’s power, God’s hope, God’s joy and healing.

Becoming a Passionate Church

We start a new series looking at what it takes for us to become a passionate Church. To live up to our vision of “We seek to be a beacon of hope in our community; passionate about growing like Jesus in our lives, worship and witness”. This series will look at the how we can focus on Jesus and become passionate about living out this vision.

Five Year Vision

This talk follows on from the exciting process of the last six months where we have been seeking what we believe God is calling us to as a church by explaining the vision and sharing how this will encourage, inspire and involve us and our community.

God’s handiwork

This series of talks looks at how God sees us, as we consider why He made us and what He hopes for us. We are so much more than we all too often think of ourselves and we need to allow God’s purposes for us to inform and shape us.

Encountering Jesus

This series of talks looks at how people interacted with Jesus in the bible, and what it might mean for us today

Prayers of Jesus

This short series of talks looks at the prayers of Jesus leading up to Easter

Joy to the World

Our talks this Christmas season focus on the coming of a new hope with the birth of Jesus and of Joy to the World.

Extraordinary ordinary people

This summer we are looking at a series of ordinary people in the Bible who God used to do extraordinary things. We are looking at different aspects and seeing how God wants us to do extraordinary things in His Kingdom.


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