Captivated by Jesus: Looking again at Jesus

captivated headerWhat captivates you about Jesus? What makes you want to follow him?  Jesus is the most captivating person in the whole of history – billions of people follow him. Many people who aren’t Christian think he is an incredible person. So, what makes him so amazing? What is it about him that grabs us and transforms us? Is it his humility? Is it his grace? His mercy? His suffering? His glory? His wisdom?

Our series helps us to see what is so astounding and wonderful about him. We focus the series on aspects of Jesus and we will be looking at how we are captivated by Jesus.

We know that we don’t always feel like following him. We know that it can be hard sometimes and that our faith can grow dull and we can feel weary. How do we change this? Well look again to Jesus. This Jesus who loves us so much, shows us so much grace and mercy, who has compassion for us, who believes in us beyond all we can imagine.

We want to be captivated more by Him. We want to re-kindle the fire and understand why he is worthy of  our worship; why he captivates us and why he deserves to be followed. This series is aimed at helping us to focus on Jesus – that it’s not about us – it’s all about him. It’s not about what we do for him, it’s not about how gifted we are, it’s not about how much we know about him, it’s not how good we are. It’s all about him.