Youth Cells


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Youth cells are set up in the same way as our adult cells, being centred on the needs of the cell members and the interests that they have. The main difference is that youth cells, for school years 7-13, meet during the Sunday morning service in Wallington Girls. We meet together for “Toast @ Ten” in the 6th Form Common Room at 10am, for some toast and a time of catching up with each other, before going down to the main hall for a time of worship with the rest of the congregation. We then return to the 6th Form Common Room for a talk before breaking off into cell groups for prayer and discussion. Youth cells are a place where young people can explore and develop their faith and not be afraid to ask the ‘difficult’ questions.

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Youth cells are also big on the social outreach side! Social events offer young people the chance to invite their friends to fun days and evenings out. Do check out our Youth News and Events pages for more information on what’s coming up and photos of events we’ve done in the past.