Covenant and Kingdom

07 May


Much of our lives are about friendship and hope, fear and aspiration. As we read the Bible, we discover that the characters we meet have similar stories, needs and challenges. The power of the Bible is its ability to speak into our ordinary experience; that is, how we make relationships and how we take responsibility for our lives and the lives of others.

We are starting a new series in May that will take us right through the Bible looking at two fundamental themes; covenant and kingdom – relationships and responsibility – worked out in the lives of some key characters who stirred nations and changed history

Covenant is the way in which the Bible describes and defines relationship; our relationship with God first and then with everyone else. Throughout the series we will be exploring the essential elements of covenant. These are the Fatherhood of God, identity flowing from our relationship with God and our sense of security and confidence as we discover that we are His children and thirdly obedience; living out a life that is consistent with our identity.

Kingdom is the way in which the Bible describes and defines responsibility; first to represent God to the people we know and then to everyone else. We will look at the essential elements which help us gain an understanding of kingdom; God’s as the majestic ruler of heaven and earth, God’s authority and His power.

From May until July, we will cover the Old Testament, drawing from the narrative portions of the Bible which follow the lives of Abraham, Moses, Ruth and David.

It will be exciting to be following their journeys; discovering their relationship with God and others and their responsibility to represent God on earth.

In the Autumn, the series will resume by focusing on Jesus. In the new Testament we see a deepening in our understanding as Jesus reveals his relationship with his father. We see Jesus invite his followers into a depth of covenant relationship not seen before and invites us to experience the same depth of relationship that he enjoyed with God. In time we discover that how the kingdom of God is seen most perfectly in the life of Jesus.

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