Evis’s story

02 Dec

I have a best friend who I have known since the age of 9. Due to a family dispute she had fallen out with her mum and stepfather and hadn’t spoken to them for a number of years. Over the years her own efforts at reconciliation had been rejected. This year she heard that her mother wasn’t at all well. She said to me that she really wanted to try one more time to get in touch but she really feared rejection and didn’t want to try alone. I said that I would help her and do whatever I could to mediate.

We didn’t know where they lived as they had moved without telling my friend. Her aunty found out that they lived in Devon in a place called the Point (not the real name).

We decided to pay them an unannounced visit and chose a date to visit. We didn’t know whether they would be in the country and had no idea what reception we would get. All I knew was that my friend was desperate to see her mum and so she booked the only hotel that was within our price range. Other family members tried to dissuade us from going as they were concerned because we were going into the unknown.

As the day drew nearer I became nervous and worried because I knew how much this reconciliation meant to her and I so much wanted for it too. I knew how much the situation pained her and she missed her mum terribly. I asked help my church family for prayers for a positive outcome.

We set off on our long train journey into the unknown on Sunday night with the intention of finding their house first thing Monday morning. When we got to the town where he mother lived we asked several people if they knew where the Point was and nobody could help us. We even got the hotel to google it but nothing came up. My friend felt very dejected having come such a long way. My sister texted me some verses which I repeated throughout the night.

First thing Monday morning we set out from the hotel. We had no idea which direction we should take, whether to turn left or right. After a silent prayer we decided to turn right. After about 10 minutes walking we stopped to decide how long we would wander aimlessly. At that point I looked across the road and saw The Point.

We knocked on the door and her stepfather through the intercom told us to go away and come back in three hours because her mum was sleeping. I said we had come a long way and my friend said that she really wanted to see her mum. He then told us to come back in half an hour. Thank goodness for mobiles. I sent out a prayer request updating everyone on my prayer list. We duly returned and he let us see her mum.

It was wonderful to see my friend and her mum. Her mum said that she had recently become a Christian and she had been praying that her daughter would find a way to come.

Unfortunately her stepfather wasn’t as happy to see her and after about an hour he started shouting at her and being verbally abusive, bringing up the issues that had caused the rift originally. I calmly said that we didn’t come to cause any trouble and we had to leave. We left the mum with my friend’s mobile number.

We walked back to the hotel with my friend in floods of tears. I sent out another text. We sat in the hotel lobby not knowing what to do. Then her mobile rang and it was her stepfather. He apologized for his behaviour. He came to meet us at the hotel and asked us to come back with him to their house. He said that he wanted to start afresh, move on and rebuild their relationship. We spent the day with them and they have continued contact.