Feast in the Field

06 Jul

Feast 10Review of Feast in the Field

Well, another year and another Feast in the Field. Many people have said that this was the best one that we have ever had. Not only was the weather kind to us but also the atmosphere was wonderful.

As usual we started with a short All age service inside Wallington High School for Girls before proceeding outside onto the field.

Zorbs at Feast in the FieldThis year we made several changes to our format. We included a new game – Zorbs which was a great hit – literally! There was a chance of moving round an arena bumping one another, or doing acrobatics in them. Of course, some of the older groups going on it proved all too excited and ended up knocking one another out of the arena, but protected by the Zorb no-one seemed to mind! It all proved very popular and a  great success.

Salsa Class, Feast int he FieldThe other key change was that two of our wonderful members Pauline Dean and Evis Samupfonda led classes for people to join in (Salsa and Powerhoops respectively). These proved so popular that instead of two half hour classes it was a a virtual continual swapping of classes through the afternoon.

Of course, we had many of our favourites there. The Mega Assault Course, the Giant Scalectrix, the Cream Tea Tent, the Face-painting, the pre-5 area and the Laser Quest.

Of course, the key to all of this was community. The idea of bringing a picnic and sitting and chatting to people you knew as well as those who were new. It was wonderful to see how people chatted, met new people and all joined in together to have such a great time.

Overall a wonderful day – ready for next year?

Below are the pictures we took for the day:

We also took some video footage of some of the activities, enjoy!


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