At Springfield we want to grow strong and thoughtful Christians, secure in their faith but always moving forward in their relationship with God and others. Being a Christian is not just about going to church on a Sunday morning, it is something that alters our perspective and affects every area of our life. Each member of our church is at a different stage in their Christian life and we seek to develop, encourage and essentially grow our congregation throughout their Christian journey.


Prayer is integral to everything that happens at Springfield and we offer many opportunities for our congregation to pray together and meet with God. We recognise that people grow in their life of prayer in different ways. Therefore we have created different experiences during the year for people to experience and to help them grow in their faith.


In order to support, encourage and grow people in their day to day lives we also run a number of different courses.

We recognise that it can sometimes be difficult to live a Christian life with all the pressures around us. In order to support people through these challenges we run a number of courses focused on the practical application of God’s teaching and his vision for us and his world.These include AlphaThe Marriage CourseThe Family Time Course and Growing Leaders. All of these are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge us in our faith and how to live it out.


To grow in Christ-likeness we seek to serve those around us both in this country and abroad. We have a number of charities that we support both in this country and abroad and each of our small groups supports a charity of its choice.