New Wine

Springfield Church at New WineSpringfield at New Wine, Shepton Mallett

In 2017 we are going to Week 1 from 22-28 July

Springfield is a New Wine church and regularly has a group going each year.

New Wine has proven to be a fabulous time for people to grow in their faith and be equipped in worship, ministry and teaching. It’s an opportunity to experience worship on a large scale with over 5,000 Christians worshipping together in the main venue and about 12,000 on the site as a whole; it’s a place where our children can experience large scale children’s work with several hundred other children in their own age group.

Not only is there a variety of worship venues but there is a wide range of seminars and social activities going on (including evening events, BBQ’s and just making space for one another) .

Not only is it a chance to grow in our own personal faith but it’s also an opportunity to grow together as a community as we spend time together and have shared moments in our faith journey. This is made deeper by the fact that we camp and that therefore there is more intimacy together (don’t worry you can find a quiet space!)

See below for some interviews from people who have been from Springfield and pictures. There is also more information on the New Wine website.

New Wine Interviews

On Team at New Wine

Below are some pictures that we took at New Wine:

New Wine 2015