Prayer is at the centre of our life together at Springfield. We are not there yet – we are still learning the art of prayer – but we are trying. On this page and the sub-pages you will see some of the ways in which we are learning to grow in our life of prayer together. To grow in prayer is to grow in our relationship with God. Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God and we find that the more we pray the more the relationship develops.

We find that different people need to experience prayer in different ways. Each person is unique and therefore each person has ways in which they learn to pray. Some love to pray with others; some love to spend time on their own; some need to get away from all forms of distraction; some find praying in the morning best; some find it easier going to and from work; some find it easiest to pray at night.

We therefore try and vary the forms of prayer on offer at Springfield. We offer monthly days of prayer; twice a year we look to offer a week of prayer; we have quiet days where we go away on retreat; we offer prayer ministry in the church; we pray for one another in our small groups. We want to encourage people to grow in their walk with Jesus through the way best suited for you.


Recently, one of our congregation led our Sunday morning service intercessions with this heartfelt prayer:


 We pray for those doing missionary work abroad.
Who left everything that this country offers,
The comforts of a life we are used to
To be led to places of unknown wonders.
Trish in Guatemala- for continued blessings.
-May your presence be close and real to her.

We pray for our helpers and leaders.
Putting their all into youth,
into children’s work, Caring Cupcakes,
Toddlers, the list goes on.
May you receive a much needed boost.
Your work is treasured, it saves.
-Don’t underestimate the important part that you play.

We pray for those facing a new start.
For those with a new beginning,
Jobs, school, university.
New friends, new faces, new places.
Scared of not fitting in, afraid of standing out
-Be at peace with God, to him give your doubt.

We pray for those we know who are lost and without faith.
For those lost in themselves
Lost to the world.
Lost in the battle of life with no shield.
Find your sword in the Lord,
-Armour yourselves in His truth, in His life in His Love.

We pray for those that we know who are ill.
for the pained.
Seemingly praying in vain,
Don’t ever let go,
for us humans never know.
There is more than we see
-Jesus said, “trust in Me.”

We worry so much Lord, because we care.
Help us to trust and not worry, because your care is greater than anything we are capable of.

“God is Love”