Josephine’s Story

29 Nov

We met Josephine on a trip to the Widow’s meeting at RUSH on a Tuesday morning. RUSH has a re-building programme to help widows (many of whom suffer from HIV/Aids) to resettle and have a place that they can call home. Josephine had lost her husband some years earlier and was left supporting two severely disabled children (both of whom each had several children). It was announced at the meeting that Josephine had been assessed as next in line of need for a new house.


To get to Josephine was not a huge distance in terms of miles but the terrain was quite rough down a side road and then off through fields to her hut. Her hut was leaking badly and with the rainy season due was quite unsuitable to house her and her extended family.

The idea was that we would help in building her house. There was a good crowd of people to help with the building of it. A number of men had already created the outline and were digging the mud. Lots of women from the RUSH project were there to help out and it all had very much of a communal celebratory feel to it. It was awesome to see the women carry great containers of water on their heads to help with making the mud for the new house.

The day was a real privilege to help make a real difference to someone’s life who was so helpless and had such great need.