Matthew: A new talks series for 2017

21 Dec

‘Seek first his kingdom’
Matthew 6:33

Matthew’s gospel talks a lot about the ‘kingdom of heaven’. What is it? How do we seek it; how do we shape our lives in accordance with it? What does it mean that Jesus came to fulfil the prophecies of the Old Testament?

From January until Easter, in our Sunday morning talks, we’ll be looking at the different themes of Matthew’s gospel and what they mean for us as Church and as individuals.

Jesus proclaims that the ‘kingdom of heaven’ is on its way. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus proclaims a value system that turns all our assumptions upside down: that ‘the kingdom of God belongs to the poor in Spirit’; that ‘the meek will inherit the Earth’. We are called in the Lord’s Prayer to pray that God’s kingdom will come, and his will be done, on Earth as is heaven. It is both a future hope and a present one. What might it look like in the life of our local community?

Church and Community
Alongside its emphasis on the kingdom, Matthew is deeply concerned with the practical details of what it means to ‘be church’. How do we serve one other; how do we relate to Jesus’ authority; how do we share God’s love with those outside? What does Jesus’ mission mean for our mission?

In our mid-week missional communities and cell groups, we’ll be working through ‘Matthew: Being Discipled by Jesus’ Bible study notes (LifeBuilders series).

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