Pete’s Story

29 Nov

The first I knew of Springfield Church was when my wife enrolled my eldest son into his first Holiday Club over five years ago. He seemed to like it so my wife then enrolled him at Roadrunners. I started taking him, but once I had signed him in, I would make a quick dash to the car with my young daughter and then go round to the local garden centre for coffee and cake. We did go to some Springfield events, like Feast in the Field but really that was it, I was brought up a Catholic but drifted away in my late teens. To be honest the thoughts of going to Church again did not appeal to me but I certainly was not opposed to my son going to Roadrunners. Sometimes we would get our Sundays mixed up and I remember having to make a quick “U-turn” when I got to Church and Roadrunners was closed —it was an “All Age” Service!

Now this went on for a couple of years until our daughter was able to go to Holiday Club and then Roadrunners. But the thoughts of leaving my little girl and then disappearing with my youngest to the garden centre was not so appealing now — so we decided to give the Sunday Service a try. Well I found it amazing; I listened to the sermon and the worship songs and found it so different to what I had experienced before. Not only that but everyone was so friendly and yet they did not know us!So we went again, and then on the third or fourth Sunday that I went, it hit me, during the sermon I felt an intense feeling of peace, as if the sermon was directed solely at me. And then came the worshipsongs and I remember calling out to God, in my headof course, that I hear him and that I want to do whathe wants me to do. It was such an emotionalexperience, I could not hold back my tears and for many weeks after that I would just start welling up if Ijust thought, let alone talked, about that Sunday.But it did not stop at Sunday Services, I was introduced to the Men’s Cell and started attending every Wednesday night, I could not get enough of talking about God and our walks (strolls or runs!) with Christ. I did an Alpha Course run by Springfield which explored many of my ‘hang ups’ about Christianity that I had developed as a youth.

I had been set free from my secular mindset to love God, to have a Personal Relationship with God. And all this because God had placed it on the hearts of the congregation of Springfield Church to welcome my child into Holiday Club and Roadrunners without any conditions on us attending Church. This always reminds me that we must let God decide when the time is right; it is in God’s time and not ours.
Strange how things seem to go round in circles, I’ve since been on the team for a couple of Holiday Clubs and have been a Roadrunner Leader for the last eighteen months. My life has changed forever, I thank God for that and I also thank the people of Springfield Church, in particular my Cell (past and present), the Roadrunner Team and of course the group I currently lead in it.