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Sermons on “Hebrews”

God is …. Faithful

Nick gives the next talk in our ‘God is …. ‘ series using Hebrews 6 to talk about faith and faithfulness

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What Would Jesus Undo? – Hollow Worship

In Matthew 15.1-7, Jesus speaks against Hollow Worship. If our hearts aren’t right before God and if our worship is rule-based rather than relationship-driven, our worship is a farce. Worship isn’t about the style of music, but the condition of our hearts. How do we express worship to God? Reverence (Ps 95.6), adoration (Ps 63.4), celebration (Ps 149.3) and sacrifice (Heb 13.15)

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Hope Killers: Bitterness

Jon explores how bitterness can rob us of hope, why it’s a problem and how we can let go of it looking at Hebrews 12.14-15 and Ephesians 4.31-32.

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What is church?

We kick off our new I LOVE CHURCH series with looking at the big question, ‘What is church?’ From Hebrews 10 we see that we ARE church together and that we can come boldly into God’s Presence.

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