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Sermons on “Luke”

Resurrection- In homes

The disciples encountered the Risen Jesus when gathered as a small group in a house and we can too

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A Better Way – Your Best Days Are Now

Jesus lived and loved a better way – he always gave his undivided attention in the moment. Jon looks at John 2.8-10 and Luke 18.35-19.10 and finds that the only way you can be present in the moment is to surrender a past your can’t change and trust God with a future you can’t control.

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Don’t Worry – Can You Trust God?

In this brand new Message Series we look at how not to worry when there’s so much to worry about. In this first of 3 messages, Jon explores Luke 5.1-11 and asks the question Can we trust God?

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God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9.7). Jesus talks about money a lot (!) and in Luke 12.13-21 warns of how a wrong view of money can lead us into trouble. The answer is to be Rich Towards God – having a mindset of stewards not owners. Click to view our giving page

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Offering Jesus- Offering an invitation

David uses Matthew 9 to talk about how we can grow in confidence to invite people to a party that is ‘out of this world’

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Praying Hard

Persistence in prayer is highly valued by Jesus (Luke 18.1-5) and should form the rock of our prayer life.

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