We meet every Sunday at 10.30am at Wallington High School for Girls SM6 0PH

Sermons on “Matthew”

Lord’s Prayer – Your Kingdom Come

Jon explores the second part of the prayer that Jesus taught us in Matthew 6.9-13, demonstrating that we pray for Heaven to invade Earth, starting with our own hearts. This is a prayer for God’s power (1 Cor 4.10) but also requires that we make space for God to move.

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Lord’s Prayer- Our Father

Cathy introduces our new mini-series looking at the prayer Jesus taught us in Matthew 6.9-13, starting with ‘Our Father’ and the ways in which our relationship with God can inspire our prayers.

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I want to hope but…God’s no fun

Is God a killjoy? Isn’t following God just about obeying rules? Jon explores the differences between religion (Matthew 23.35-36) and Jesus (Romans 3.20-22) and the freedom that comes from understanding that we can’t earn God’s acceptance.

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In Matthew 22.34-40 Jesus sums up the Law and the Prophets in two commandments – Love God and love your neighbour. We look at creating a culture of connection – Intimacy with God, Community inside church and Influence outside church.

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