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Sermons in “Dangerous Prayers”

Dangerous Prayers- Break my heart

We now reach the Dangerous Prayer where we are asking God to ‘Break our heart’. David uses Jeremiah 8: 18-21 as we look at what this means for us

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Dangerous Prayers – Speak to me

Luke explores the example of Samuel learning to hear God’s voice and praying the prayer ‘Speak to me’ in 1 Samuel 3.1-13. The things we learn are Be Still and listen, Be Willing to wait, and Be Ready to act.

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Dangerous Prayers – What can I give?

Jon explores Abram’s example of tithing as the way to respond to God’s blessings in Genesis 14.17-20 – one of the ways God might answer the dangerous prayer in Psalm 116.12 ‘What can I give?’. We are to Give Thankfully, Give Voluntarily and Give Systematically.

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Dangerous Prayers – Make me bold

David kicks off our new series looking at the dangerous prayer for boldness in Acts 4.29 and how it all works out in Acts 5.18-21.

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