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Sermons in “Dangerous Prayers”

Dangerous Prayers – Search Me

In this final Dangerous Prayer, Jon looks at Psalm 139.23-24. This is actually four prayers – 1. Search my heart. 2. Reveal my fears. 3. Uncover my sins. 4. Lead me. And we explore how God wants to answer this prayer to show us the rubbish in our lives that He wants to give us freedom from.

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Dangerous Prayers- Break my heart

We now reach the Dangerous Prayer where we are asking God to ‘Break our heart’. David uses Jeremiah 8: 18-21 as we look at what this means for us

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Dangerous Prayers – Speak to me

Luke explores the example of Samuel learning to hear God’s voice and praying the prayer ‘Speak to me’ in 1 Samuel 3.1-13. The things we learn are Be Still and listen, Be Willing to wait, and Be Ready to act.

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Dangerous Prayers – What can I give?

Jon explores Abram’s example of tithing as the way to respond to God’s blessings in Genesis 14.17-20 – one of the ways God might answer the dangerous prayer in Psalm 116.12 ‘What can I give?’. We are to Give Thankfully, Give Voluntarily and Give Systematically.

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Dangerous Prayers – Make me bold

David kicks off our new series looking at the dangerous prayer for boldness in Acts 4.29 and how it all works out in Acts 5.18-21.

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