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Sermons in “Don't Worry”

Don’t Worry – There is Good News!

In the final part of this Don’t Worry mini-series, Jon looks at Psalm 46. In the context of a terrifying attack from the Assyrian army, God tells His people that He is their refuge and ever present help (v1) and to be still (v10). Our God is exactly what you need, when you need Him. He is big enough to oversee the whole world, and he’s loving enough to care about you.

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Don’t Worry – Out of the Cave

Part 2 of our Don’t Worry series. This week, Jon explores the battle against depression, anxiety and worry using Elijah in 1 Kings 19 as an example to us.
It’s okay to not be okay. But don’t settle for a lifetime of ‘not okay’. God is calling you out of your cave.

The connect notes include the two worksheets mentioned in the talk today and can be accessed by clicking ‘save pdf’ below. (if you’re on a mobile device you may need to turn your phone to landscape mode in order to see it).

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Don’t Worry – Can You Trust God?

In this brand new Message Series we look at how not to worry when there’s so much to worry about. In this first of 3 messages, Jon explores Luke 5.1-11 and asks the question Can we trust God?

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