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Sermons in “Jesus Stories”

Jesus Stories- The Good Samaritan

John continues our series of Jesus’ stories. looking at the Good Samaritan and how it speaks into our lives today

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Jesus Stories- New Wineskins

Continuing looking at the stories Jesus told, Jon talks about new things and change in the parable of the wineskins from Luke 5.38-39.

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Jesus Stories – The Great Banquet

Nick looks at the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14.15-24. Following Jesus is urgent and important, and he calls us to invite anyone we find to come to the great banquet (v.23).

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Jesus Stories- Buried Treasure

Jon continues our look at the stories Jesus taught with the parable of the buried treasure (Matthew 13.44)

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Jesus Stories – The Rich Fool

Caitlyn gives the first talk in our series on Jesus stories where she visits Luke 12 and talks about the rich fool

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Jesus Stories- the parables that Jesus taught

Jon introduces our new message series called “Jesus Stories: the parables that Jesus taught” by exploring what parables are and how we can position ourselves to understand more of God’s Character, His Kingdom and His Purposes.

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