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Sermons in “Lord's Prayer”

Lord’s Prayer – Forgiveness

Nick explores total forgiveness – both God’s gift to us and Jesus call to his followers. Drawing from Matthew 18.21-35 we see how receiving forgiveness and forgiving others are an outpouring of love an a work of the Holy Spirit.

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Lord’s Prayer – Daily Bread

In part 3 of our mini-series looking at the prayer that Jesus taught, Jon explores how God is our provider, and how He wants us to learn to trust and rely on His provision for all our (non-spiritual) needs on a daily basis.

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Lord’s Prayer – Your Kingdom Come

Jon explores the second part of the prayer that Jesus taught us in Matthew 6.9-13, demonstrating that we pray for Heaven to invade Earth, starting with our own hearts. This is a prayer for God’s power (1 Cor 4.10) but also requires that we make space for God to move.

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Lord’s Prayer- Our Father

Cathy introduces our new mini-series looking at the prayer Jesus taught us in Matthew 6.9-13, starting with ‘Our Father’ and the ways in which our relationship with God can inspire our prayers.

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