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Sermons in “Miracles”

Miracles – Provision

What does it mean that God provides for us? Jane talks about God’s provision in relation to his guidance and his call to us to use the blessings he has given us to bless others too.

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Miracles – Healing

Jon explores miraculous healing, looking at Luke 7.1-10 and lots of other texts. Our God heals but He doesn’t heal everyone all the time, so what do we do with that? Should we continue to pray for people? Ultimately it comes down to the truth that our faith isn’t based on what God does, it’s based on who God is.

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Miracles – Protection

Jane continues our mini-series on miracles, looking at protection

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Miracles- Deliverance

Beginning our new message series on Miracles, Jon explores Miracles of Deliverance from Ephesians 6.12-13, and the authority that we have in Christ over all the powers of darkness.

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