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Sermons in “Praying in Circles”

Praying Long

Jon finishes our message series on Praying in Circles by looking at praying the long game exploring Daniel 10. God hears our prayers even when we haven’t seen an answer yet, and Daniel reveals the importance of praying through.

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Praying Hard

Persistence in prayer is highly valued by Jesus (Luke 18.1-5) and should form the rock of our prayer life.

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Dreaming Big

Jon explores the Quail miracle in Numbers 11 and the question that God asks a bewildered Moses in v.23 – is there any limit to my power? The truth is that God is infinitely bigger than our biggest problems and biggest dreams – so we should dream big and pray big!

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Praying in Circles

God loves to make promises. He invites us to draw a circles around those promises and pray until we see them become a reality just like Jericho in Joshua 6.1-16.
God is inviting us into the adventure of seeing His dreams come true in our lives and in our community – and the adventure is called PRAYER.

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