We meet every Sunday at 10.30am at St. Paul's Church, Roundshaw and on our YouTube channel

Sermons by “Caitlyn Harrison”

Summer Psalms – Courage

Caitlyn starts our series of summer psalms using Psalm 91 to talk about courage

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Twisted: The root of all evil

Caitlyn looks at 1 Timothy 6 and the misunderstanding that money is the root of all evil. In fact it is the LOVE of money that is so problematic and we can avoid this by exercising Contentment, Generosity & Faith.

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Finding Joy: Abiding

Caitlyn uses John 15: 9-12 as she explores how we can abide in Christ

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God is …. Awesome

Caitlyn uses Isaiah 55: 8-9 as she talks about our transcendent God that invites us into relationship with Him and how we can understand more

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David: Living God’s Story- friendship

Caitlyn uses I Samuel chapter 20 and the story of David and Jonathan to explore what friendship means for us today

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Jesus Stories – The Rich Fool

Caitlyn gives the first talk in our series on Jesus stories where she visits Luke 12 and talks about the rich fool

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