We meet every Sunday at 10.30am at St. Paul's Church, Roundshaw and on our YouTube channel

Sermons on “Church”

What Would Jesus Undo? – Fake Faith

Jesus condemns hypocrisy and ‘fake faith’ in the strongest terms. It’s a pretty universal temptation to try to seem better than we are. Jane looks at the causes of hypocrisy, and examines how, through worship, God’s presence and accountability, we are more likely to be able to live authentic lives.

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The Story Continues: Extravagant in Giving

God has given us many blessings and thus many ways we might give to others. Jane explores 3 different giving mindsets – the bag (Haggai 1.6), the basket (Luke 6.38) and the barn (Proverbs 3.9-10). We’re called to give extravagantly and trust that God will give to us abundantly.

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Everyday Faith

Thinking about what it looks like to live out our faith in the 9-5 – and the different dynamics around how we relate to colleagues, bosses and to God in the time we spend at work. (Matt 5.13-16, Col 3.22-25)

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