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07 Sep

On Sunday, Will launched the Mission Action Plan that we have developed over the past months. The plan has come through months of consultation, prayer and discussion. The plan gives us a clear vision of where we believe that we are called as a Church and allows us to focus on the key areas that will help Springfield grow and flourish.

This can be summed up in our vision:

We seek to be a beacon of hope in our community; passionate about growing like Jesus in our lives, worship and witness

The leaders at our away day earlier this year set five key areas that we believed we should focus on as a Church and this was followed by further meetings and discussion to then work out how we could reach these key 5 objectives. The PCC in July then had a full discussion of the plan and adopted it unanimously.

These 5 goals are:

  1. Passionate Spirituality clearly expressed through lifestyle, worship and words
  2. Springfield being a beacon of hope through presence and action in the community
  3. Inspirational Cells/ Missional Communities engaged in mission involving 90% of Springfield
  4. Children and their families growing in faith and numbers, using their gifts
  5. Young people growing in bold faith and numbers, knowing their value

This is an exciting time for us as a Church as we seek the things of God and look to grow together. Each of us will need to play our part in seeing this bold vision come about.

Below you will find three separate things to help you with understanding the vision. The first is the Mission Action Plan itself, the second is the talk that Will gave on Sunday and the third is the set of slides that he used as part of the talk.

As we continue with moving towards the goal that God has set us at Springfield we will ensure that there is regular feedback and discussion.


Springfield Mission Action Plan



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