We meet every Sunday at 10.30am at Wallington High School for Girls SM6 0PH


Welcome to our online Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. Please feel free to listen or download any sermon free of charge for your own personal use. Each sermon also has Connect notes available to download: just click on the sermon then click on the ‘save pdf’ button.

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Elijah Prays

Elijah understands prayer, and in 1 Kings 18.41-46 he demonstrates what effective prayer looks like – Humble, Specific, Persistent and Expectant.

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Elijah – choosing, not wavering

Jane talks about idolatry and choosing God, using the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

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Elijah- formed by God

Luke talks about how Elijah became a ‘Man of God’

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Unlikely Heroes- Abel

Jon talks about Abel giving his very best to God and how we are called to do the same

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Unlikely Heroes- Gideon

Jane explores how Gideon learnt to trust God in the small before he was called to trust God in the BIG

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Unlikely Heroes – Deborah

Jane talks about Deborah and how she was faithful and listened to God, then told the people what she heard

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Unlikely Heroes- Ruth

Cathy talks about Ruth’s extraordinary boldness and loyalty to Naomi and to God. What does loyalty to God look like?

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Hope Killers: Letting go of distractions

Jane talks about letting go of distractions, using the story of Mary and Martha. What does it mean to say that ‘only one thing is needed’?

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I want to hope but…God’s no fun

Is God a killjoy? Isn’t following God just about obeying rules? Jon explores the differences between religion (Matthew 23.35-36) and Jesus (Romans 3.20-22) and the freedom that comes from understanding that we can’t earn God’s acceptance.

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