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Welcome to our online Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. Please feel free to listen or download any sermon free of charge for your own personal use. Each sermon also has Connect notes available to download: just click on the sermon then click on the ‘save pdf’ button.

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Rebuild- Heart

David uses Nehemiah to help us examine what it means to rebuild our hearts

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Rebuild – Work

Nehemiah (Neh 2.1-8, 16-18) has a burden for Jerusalem. He seeks God faithfully and defines the vision clearly, and eventually does the rebuilding work and makes a difference. God is calling each of us to do the same.

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Rebuild – Hope

We kick off a brand new sermon series thinking about the return of the Jewish exiles to rebuild Jerusalem in Ezra & Nehemiah, reflecting on our own journey as we begin to return from our pandemic exile. Ezra 1.1-5 introduces the context and the incredible truth that we can always hope because God will come through on His promises.

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Twisted: Plans to prosper

Jon explores the beloved verse in Jeremiah 29.11 and shows us that, given the original context, this promise to prosper us may not specifically be for us. In fact the good news isn’t that God saves us from our trials, it’s that He saves us from our sins. However reading on, the promises in verses 12-13 are echoed throughout Scripture and are for us – God will never leave you nor forsake you.

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Twisted: The root of all evil

Caitlyn looks at 1 Timothy 6 and the misunderstanding that money is the root of all evil. In fact it is the LOVE of money that is so problematic and we can avoid this by exercising Contentment, Generosity & Faith.

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