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The Story Continues: Faithful in Service

Jon looks at three examples from Scripture (1 Sam 17.17-18, Lk 19.28-35, Jn 13.4-5), recognising our identity as servants of the Most High God, and the invitation to join with God’s story by serving. When we serve others we are serving Jesus (Mat 25.40) and in the Kingdom of God the little things are big things.

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The Story Continues: Bold in Witness

Jon looks at the difference between the disciples in John 20.19-22 (afraid) and Acts 4.8-13 (bold). Sharing our faith is part of the story God is writing through us as a church, and in order to grow in boldness we need to spend time with Jesus and ask God to increase our boldness (and help us to step into opportunities to grow!).

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The Story Continues: God’s not finished

Jon looks at the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 to think about how we respond to our stories getting stuck. Faced with armies rising against him, Jehoshaphat is honest with God and listens to God’s revelation that He is in charge, that it’s His battle not ours, that the story isn’t finished.

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Miracles – Provision

What does it mean that God provides for us? Jane talks about God’s provision in relation to his guidance and his call to us to use the blessings he has given us to bless others too.

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Miracles – Healing

Jon explores miraculous healing, looking at Luke 7.1-10 and lots of other texts. Our God heals but He doesn’t heal everyone all the time, so what do we do with that? Should we continue to pray for people? Ultimately it comes down to the truth that our faith isn’t based on what God does, it’s based on who God is.

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Miracles – Protection

Jane continues our mini-series on miracles, looking at protection

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You’re Invited

Jon shares a message about Jesus knowing us, having a plan for us, and inviting us to join him from John 1.35-50, at our special ‘Invite a friend’ service.

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Miracles- Deliverance

Beginning our new message series on Miracles, Jon explores Miracles of Deliverance from Ephesians 6.12-13, and the authority that we have in Christ over all the powers of darkness.

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Lord’s Prayer – Forgiveness

Nick explores total forgiveness – both God’s gift to us and Jesus call to his followers. Drawing from Matthew 18.21-35 we see how receiving forgiveness and forgiving others are an outpouring of love an a work of the Holy Spirit.

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