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Welcome to our online Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. Please feel free to listen or download any sermon free of charge for your own personal use. Each sermon also has Connect notes available to download: just click on the sermon then click on the ‘save pdf’ button.

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Hope Killers: Shame

Jon unpacks Genesis 2.25-3.13 and the story of Adam and Eve in the garden, looking at three questions from the text: ‘Did God really say?’, ‘Where are you?’ and ‘Who told you?’. Shame robs us of our fruitfulness in God, and He invites us to let go of shame.

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Hope Killers: Bitterness

Jon explores how bitterness can rob us of hope, why it’s a problem and how we can let go of it looking at Hebrews 12.14-15 and Ephesians 4.31-32.

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God with us on the journey

Luke looks at Jesus’ baptism in Mark 1.9-11 as we think about baptism and our own journeys with God.

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Beacons of Hope (AGM)

Jon shares our renewed vision of being beacons of hope. Exploring 1 Peter 3.15, we see how people notice hope, and that it is built on a bedrock of worshipping Jesus.

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Our hope is alive

Jon reminds us that we have hope because of the resurrected Christ in this Easter message from 1 Peter 1.3.

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The Hope Effect: Boldness

Jane talked about what boldness looks like as a disciple of Christ – how can we step into greater boldness, and how does God’s glory shape us to live more freely and confidently?

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Hope-Filled Living

Jon asks ‘what is our why?’ as he unpacks 1 Timothy 4.10 in this Worship 4 Everyone service. Hope is our why, and hope-filled living involves remembering who God is, who He says we are, and using what He’s given to us.

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The Hope Effect: Love

Jane looks at how hope leads to abundant love, using Colossians 1.3-8.

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The Hope Effect: Endurance

Nick looks at 1 Thess 1.2-9 and explores how hope produces, sustains and enables endurance, whatever the circumstances.

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The Hope Effect: Joy

Looking at Romans 12.9-12, Jon unpacks the link between hope and joy and the need to position ourselves to be filled with joy by the Holy Spirit.

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