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Welcome to our online Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. Please feel free to listen or download any sermon free of charge for your own personal use. Each sermon also has Connect notes available to download: just click on the sermon then click on the ‘save pdf’ button.

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God is …. Holy

Cathy gives the latest talk in our ‘God is…’ series, looking at what holiness is and how we can be holy

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God is …. Good

Jon uses Psalm 34: 8-14 to talk about how God’s goodness impacts every area of our lives

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God is …. For us

Continuing our ‘God is …. ‘ series, David uses Romans 8 to explore how God is for us and how we can live in hope at all times because of this.

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God is…. Creator

Jon starts our series exploring who God is, using Psalm 19:1-3, Psalm90:2 and Isaiah 45:18 to help us understand God’s existance before the beginning of creation

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David: Living God’s Story – Where do you hide?

Jon explores David’s story in 1 Samuel 22 and asks ‘Where do you run to when things get tough?’

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David: Living God’s Story- Running

David uses 1 Samuel 21 to explore how we can run towards God in times of trouble

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David: Living God’s Story- friendship

Caitlyn uses I Samuel chapter 20 and the story of David and Jonathan to explore what friendship means for us today

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David: Living God’s Story- Favour

Jon continues our message series looking at the life of king David (in 1 Samuel, chapter 18) and what living as part of God’s story looks like.

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David: Living God’s Story- The Giant

Jon talks about David’s encounter with Goliath and how we all have Giants in our lives- and how we deal with them.

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David: Living God’s Story- Preparation

Luke talks about how God prepares David to become king in I Samuel 16: 14-23 and what this might mean for us

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