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12 hours of Prayer

09 Mar
Prayer and Praying together

Praying@St Paul’s, Roundshaw Wednesday 23rd March 12noon-12midnight As part of Holy Week this year we are holding 12 hours of prayer from midday to midnight on Wednesday 23rd March. The idea is that we will produce a series of prayer stations for you to pray through and to reflect on. Areas will include praying for […]

Praying with Springfield

16 Feb
Prayer and Praying together

Praying together can make a huge difference not only in the lives and situations that we are praying for but in our own lives as well. We have seen so many answers to prayer as a church and we believe that God is calling us into a season to really seek Him in our life […]

Day of Prayer

23 Mar

St Paul’s, Roundshaw Wednesday 1st April, 7am-10pm It is especially appropriate in the week leading up to Easter when we remember Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and His prayer for His followers after the Last Supper to set aside time to hold a day of prayer. This will be a time when we […]

Easter at Springfield

19 Mar

Easter is nearly upon us. The time of year when we celebrate the great sacrifice of Jesus and His vindication through the resurrection on Easter Day. It’s easy to just try and treat it as a couple of Bank Holidays or to pass through it quickly. So to help us consider all that Jesus has […]

Our Year of Prayer

31 Oct

I am one of those people who, provided with a blank sheet, gets excited rather than daunted. And this last year, as we moved away from having a church centre to an office we were presented with a worthy challenge: how to encourage, inspire and equip each other to continue coming together to pray, and […]

Prayer Meeting

11 Jun

Prayer Meeting We are holding a prayer meeting this Wednesday 12th June at 8pm at St.Patrick’s Church. We are aware of many in our community who are unwell at this time. Please do come along on Wednesday evening to pray together for those who are on our hearts at this time.

Prayer Walk

23 Jan

Prayer Walk February 10th @ 6.30pm Meet: Wallington Library & Phoenix Centre We have a great God and this year we are getting totally serious about meeting with Him and sharing His love with each other and those around us. One of the most exciting things happening is that we see God is calling us […]