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24 Feb

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Sunday 2nd March, 10.30am

Our new all age services are proving very popular with the ability to try different ways of responding to the scriptures. We recognise that everyone has different ways of learning and responding and we want to ensure that we allow people to see what helps them most.

One of the great opportunities that we are hopeful that this will help is for families who may find it difficult to discuss their faith with their children. We hope that instead of seeing something like the “arts and craft” stream as a colouring in session and boring for adults that it is seen as an opportunity to engage with how the passage might be visualised and how it might be represented. It allows insights for both adults and children to come out and can become a great talking point which we hope will overflow to the home environment.

On the 2nd March we are offering four different options for people to choose between. Each month we will be making one or two changes. Currently the two options that we see as permanently on offer are the talk with buzz groups (which we want to record and make available via the church podcast) and the arts & craft option. This month the other two options are new ones and replace the drama and the conversation streams (though we expect both will be back in the future) that we had last month. The two new options are

  • Walking through the passage. This is an experiential option where we will be exploring the passage through walking and stopping at stations and reflect, pray and do an activity. This is child friendly and has a number of tactile activities – walking on stones, making a dove, writing on  a grafitti prayer wall, lighting a candle. There are opportunities for parents to reflect with their child on what they are doing and why. For adults this is also a chance to do the activities or to use it to pray and reflect.
  • Lectio Divina is an ancient way to reflect on the scriptures. There is a three-fold reading of the passage and at each stage questions are asked to prompt your thinking. People are invited (but not forced!) to offer a reflection on what they have seen in the passage – but no-one is allowed to question others reflections. We did this for the young adults weekend away and it proved one of the most significant sessions of the weekend. A way of reflecting and hearing other reflections in a safe and open way.


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