The MiX Changes Update

27 Mar

We are very excited to announce that we have new plans for The MiX. The MiX is our monthly social evening for Springfield’s young people to invite their friends to come along and play games, relax and enjoy each other’s company. You may be aware that for some time now, our numbers have been increasing, so much so that in March, a record 103 young people attended!

This is amazing, and whilst we always ensure we have enough adult supervision, the childrens’ safety and wellbeing is extremely important to us. As a team we have been looking at different ways of running  the MiX to enable a safe, fun and friendly place for all our young people to come to and so as from the 12th April, the following plans will be put into place:

Yrs 6 and 7 will come to the MiX (Phoenix Centre) from 7-8.30pm

Yrs 8+ will come 8-9.30pm.

As usual, everyone will be signed in and we do ask that any new friends that are invited come with a parent/guardian (or have with them a signed permission form, downloadable from the website). We cannot allow anyone in without this – in the event of an accident, we must be able to contact you.

Picking up is also changing slightly. If parents/ carers are happy for their child to make their own way home then we will need written confirmation of that.

We will be monitoring the new format to see if we need to make any further modifications. We believe that this will be a positive move to enable for our young people to continue to invite friends and enjoy a great time. We believe that it will give space for further growth in a safe and fun way.

One thing that we have kept is a short time together from 8-8.30pm. This will allow the young people to have some socialisation as a whole and will allow us to speak to all of them together.

In addition we are holding a PC@M (Parent Connect at the MiX) each MiX evening from 7pm – 9.30pm for any parent or carer who would like to stay for all or part of the time. This is an opportunity to socialise and have a drink and get to know one another.

Please do contact Becca Watkins if you have any questions at becca [at] springfieldchurch [dot] org [dot] uk

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