Youth – God’s Handiwork

13 Jul

Youth Worship 760 x 247” God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing.”  Ephesians 2: 10 (Youth Bible)

In our Sunday Youth services this half term, we have been looking at how God sees us – we are the Handiwork of God. We have been considering what that means for us: why He made us and what He hopes for us. We are so much more than we all too often think of ourselves and we need to allow God’s purposes for us to inform and shape us.

This week our worship was led by Nigel and two of our very talented young people Mary and Nat. We then spent time thinking about Creativity: do we consider ourselves to be creative, how can we use our creativity for God’s glory? A very interesting and challenging topic, as most of us do not see ourselves as creative!

Following an idea that Wendy and Bukky had for the Taste and See service back in June, we responded by writing Psalms together. Based on Psalm 23, we took the first few words of each line and finished it with our own words. Once everyone had completed the first line, we folded over what we’d written and passed the piece of paper on to the person on our left. We carried on finishing the second line, folded and passed on again etc… (a bit like the game “Consequences”).

When we’d written all lines, we took it in turns to read out what people had written and it really struck us how powerful, creative and moving these Psalms were! We had ALL been creative in a very powerful way.

Here are some samples of our Young People’s work – we hope you will be encouraged by them:

The Lord is my Saviour

I know He is there for me.

He will guide me through dark times.

Even when I fail, when I give up hope, You will love me.

I know that I must try my hardest to glorify Your name, even if I fail.

You are my rock.

Your grace and mercy are always evident.

My debt has been paid

And I will love you forever.



The Lord is my rock and shield.

I know He will make everything better, for He will watch over me.

He makes me whole and fills me up from head to toe in earnest love

Even though I mess up and let You down.

I know You are God of all heaven and earth.

You are my strength.

Your love never fails.

I am not deserving of your forgiveness

And I will try to focus on you.



The Lord is my lighthouse.

I know He is there through everything.

He loves us!

Even in my darkest hours, days, weeks

I know He will always love me.

You are my reason to have hope.

Your light and goodness shines brightly in the darkness so I am never truly lost.

My life would be so empty without you.

And I will be able to live my life confident of your love for me.


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