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Sermons in “A Better Way”

A Better Way – When You’ve Given Up On Prayer

Jon explores Matthew 6.5-8, and discovers that for Jesus, prayer isn’t just a thing he does, but it’s the way he lives. Furthermore, we see that Intimacy with God is never accidental. So when you’ve given up on prayer, or you’re finding it hard to pray – there is a better way!

Why not try some (or all) of the following ways to respond?

PRAY3 Prayer triplet

30-day Prayer Challenge

Prayer Course Online

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A Better Way – Your Best Days Are Now

Jesus lived and loved a better way – he always gave his undivided attention in the moment. Jon looks at John 2.8-10 and Luke 18.35-19.10 and finds that the only way you can be present in the moment is to surrender a past your can’t change and trust God with a future you can’t control.

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A Better Way – When You’re Too Busy for What Matters

The greatest enemy to the life you want may be the life that you’re living. If we follow an unrushed Jesus, we should be living an unrushed life. David explores Matthew 11.28-30 and finds that the solution is not more time, but more of what matters most.

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A Better Way – When you don’t like who you’re becoming

Do you ever feel like Christianity isn’t working? Maybe you’re burned out by the busyness of life, or you’re discouraged that prayers don’t seem to work. You’re doing the right things but everything keeps going wrong? Jesus offers us a better way. In this sermon we look at John 14: 1-6 and Matthew 11.28-30.

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