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Welcome to our online Sermons and Talks at Springfield Church. Please feel free to listen or download any sermon free of charge for your own personal use. Many sermons also have Group notes available to download: just click on the sermon then click on the ‘save pdf’ button.

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Returning to the Call 8 – David, The Early Years

Luke talks about David’s life experience in 1 Samuel 16:14-23, and how David was then ready to serve God in new ways.
“Being in the right place at the right time.”

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Returning to the Call 7 – Reinvigorating our Spiritual Life

Cathy explores Josiah in 2 Kings 22-23, encouraging us to get ourselves in a place where we spend more time with God and to reinvigorate our spiritual life.

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Returning to the Call 6 – God Calls Abraham

Lucy explores Genesis 12 reflecting on Abraham’s passionate obedience and God directing his steps. There are no notes for this talk.

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Returning to the Call 5 – Being Steered by God

Nick explores Jonah 5 (!) reflecting at how God leads us over the years and being open to the possibility of an U-turn.

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Returning to the Call 4 – God Speaking Through Nature

Charlie explores Jonah 4 looking at how God used nature to speak with Jonah and bring about change.

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Returning to the Call 3a – A second chance

Mel explores Jonah 3 looking at how we have a God of second chances. Click on the PDF button to see Group notes.

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Returning to the Call 2 – Returning in worship

David continues our journey with Jonah, looking at how we are called to worship at all times

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Returning to the Call – Hearing but running

David starts our new mini-series looking at Jonah and how we are called to hear and not run

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Light in the darkness – New Born King VI

David talks about how Jesus came as a light in the darkness, and is here for us.

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