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Sermons by “Jon Lindsay-Scott”

Jonah’s Journey: Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Jonah’s journey begins with a simple opportunity to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to God’s direction. Jonah chooses ‘No’ before experiencing distance from God and then changes his mind again (Jonah 2.9). Jon shows us that saying ‘Yes’ to God is always the BEST decision!

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Book of James Pt.9 – Prayer of Faith

Jon finishes our series on James looking at how if we press into prayer and build our faith in James 5.13-20. We pray to an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-forgiving God, and James shows us how to grow in faith as we pray.

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Book of James Pt.6 – Wisdom from Above

In James 3.13-18 we see how important heavenly wisdom is for us to navigate the trials and chaos of life. Jon sets out 6 principles of wisdom to not just learn but to ask God to write on our hearts – the wise have a pure heart, love peace, consider others, are willing to yield, minimise others’ mistakes and are authentic.

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Resurrection- in restoration

In John 21.15-19 the resurrected Jesus meets Peter in his shame and restores his relationship and his purpose. That same restoration is for us too!

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Everything is Possible (AGM)

Jon uses Matthew 19 as he looks forward to what is to come at Springfield: “With God everything is possible”

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Book of James Pt.3 – The Power of Together

Jon continues our exploration through the book of James, this week looking at James 2.1-13. James 2 says we must not show favouritism, but, instead, love our neighbour as ourselves. The enemy wants to divide the Church, and we need to be intentional and diligent to preserve our unity. We have to fight together against division. Our Heavenly Father has no favourites.

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Book of James Pt.2 – The Word of Truth

In a scattered generation, we have to determine if the world or the Word will be the basis for how we live our lives. When we have an attitude that gratefully receives, humbly accepts, and intently embraces the truth of God’s Word, we will be blessed!

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Book of James Pt.1 – Trials & Temptations

Jon kicks off our new message series working through the book of James, starting with James 1.1-18 and Trials and Temptations. Trials happen to us and Temptations happen in us, but in both cases if we don’t give up we win.

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A Better Way – When You’ve Given Up On Prayer

Jon explores Matthew 6.5-8, and discovers that for Jesus, prayer isn’t just a thing he does, but it’s the way he lives. Furthermore, we see that Intimacy with God is never accidental. So when you’ve given up on prayer, or you’re finding it hard to pray – there is a better way!

Why not try some (or all) of the following ways to respond?

PRAY3 Prayer triplet

30-day Prayer Challenge

Prayer Course Online

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A Better Way – Your Best Days Are Now

Jesus lived and loved a better way – he always gave his undivided attention in the moment. Jon looks at John 2.8-10 and Luke 18.35-19.10 and finds that the only way you can be present in the moment is to surrender a past your can’t change and trust God with a future you can’t control.

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