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Do you read the Bible as much as you’d like?

Do find it easy to read and understand the Bible?

Do you associate joy with reading the Bible?


If the answer to any or all of these questions is ‘no’ then this is for you!

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Whether you’re well versed in Scripture or new to the Bible, The Bible Course offers a superb overview of the world’s best-selling book. The course will increase your confidence, equip you to read the Bible better and help you to see its relevance to daily life. Over eight interactive sessions, it combines video teaching, delving deeper in small groups, personal reflection and daily readings.

Some answers to your questions

How do I join in?

It’s really simple, just fill out the form above and we’ll send you all the details for each session – including links for the session, videos and readings.

Is this for me?

Whether you’ve never picked up a Bible before, or you have a PhD in Old Testament studies, this course is for you! It aims to give an overview of the entire Bible, and will help you increase your confidence in reading, understanding and applying the Bible to your life.

How long is it and what are the dates?

The course itself is 8 weeks long.

We’re going to intersperse it, every 4 weeks, with a live Worship Evening.

So the dates The Bible Course is running are as follows:

Session 1 – 27th January
Session 2 – 3rd February
Session 3 – 10th February
Session 4 – 24th February
Session 5 – 3rd March
Session 6 – 10th March
Session 7 – 24th March
Session 8 – 31st March

Worship evenings on the 20th January, 17th February and 17th March

What does each session look like?

Due to the current restrictions, we’ll be running this online. Each session will begin with some worship, before we launch into the Bible Course video content which has been especially designed for use online. After around 15 minutes we’ll break into small groups to chat before coming back to watch the rest of the video. In total each session should last about an hour.

At the end of each session there will be something to take away and reflect on, as well some suggested Bible reading throughout the next week.

Can I invite someone even if they're not a part of Springfield?

Yes! We’d love for you to do that.

I really don't like group discussions on Zoom, can I still join?

Yes, of course! There’s no compulsion for you to contribute, although you may find that you have something valuable to say!

I'm already part of a connect group, how will this work?

For this term, we’ve suggested that all our connect groups come and join in with The Bible Course. Of course, you’re very welcome to carry on meeting in addition to this, particularly to pray and support each other.

Where can I find out more about The Bible Course?

Here’s a short introduction video of what The Bible Course is all about: