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Sermons by “David Atkinson”

Offering Jesus- Offering an invitation

David uses Matthew 9 to talk about how we can grow in confidence to invite people to a party that is ‘out of this world’

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Offering Jesus- Offering prayer

Jon continues our ‘Offering Jesus’ series using the events in Acts 8 to see how offering prayer leads to an encounter with God

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Rebuild- Heart

David uses Nehemiah to help us examine what it means to rebuild our hearts

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Finding Joy: Enjoying God

David continues our series on the disciplines of Finding Joy, using Psalm 16 to examine how we can intentionally enjoy God

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He’s STILL got the whole world in His hands – Nothing New

Uncertainty is nothing new. Most of the bible was written during uncertainty and Mark 14.17-26 depicts a time of great uncertainty for Jesus and the disciples. The world might look a mess now, and times seem uncertain – but God is not. He’s STILL got the whole world in His hands.

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Dangerous Prayers- Break my heart

We now reach the Dangerous Prayer where we are asking God to ‘Break our heart’. David uses Jeremiah 8: 18-21 as we look at what this means for us

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